EZGuard – monitor your security patrols easily!

Available since 2010, EZGuard is a smart, cloud based app that provides an easy and simple real time solution to control all of your security patrols. EZGuard can be used in a wide range of industries including but not limited to: security, cleaning, maintenance, control and safety. And EZGuard is planned so that it’s end users – security managers, guards, and maintenance mangers – can use it easily and intuitively. We believe that the simpler the better!

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EZGuard – monitor your security patrols easily!

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Patrol vehicle surveillance

Survey patrol vehicles or escorts through automatic location reports from the app. Viewable on a map with your vehicle’s route highlighted.


The control center website enables you to manage a real-time calendar including ongoing event management, and automatic generation of summary reports – saves you time and resources!

Respond to distress reports

Respond to reports of guards or isolated employees in dangerous areas with the Panic feature. This feature will call a preset phone number and instantly notify managers via text message, email, push notifications and alerts within the control system.  EZGuard can also interface with external security systems.

Employee work hours monitoring

Report the start and end of shift workers – saving considerable expenses in office supplies or providing complex solutions for electronic reporting from the field.

Adjustable forms

Fill out forms specifically tailored for the employee’s position for on-site inspections. Used for maintenance, safety, security and cleaning. Also used for administrative reports, vehicle audits, refueling, changing shifts and more.

Communication monitoring

Save dozens of hours of testing communication with field personnel at night. The control center receives an indication from the system when an employee does not report on time. If the employee is not late but rather in distress, his absence would be noted immediately, instead of having to make hundreds of calls at night to ensure personnel is safe and sound.

Control site security

Receive real-time notifications such as: patrols/visits to specific sites, summary reports, and non-performance alerts. Save on control costs, gain transparency vis-a-vis customers and improve your security system.
And the system even pushes reminders to guards when it’s time to go on a round, according to pre-defined schedules.

Incident reports

Allows guards, organization safety trustees, or managers to send real time reports on events that require handling or attention. They can include pictures and videos, as well as a short description detailing the situation. Reports can be sent via email and/or text messages to different recipients according to report type.

EZGuard – Seamlessly manage all your security needs

Innovative solution to all your security patrol management needs

EZGuard – Available on Android App Store